Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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No danger for human beings and animals health

MALTaflor is a long term fertilizer developed on the vegetable basis and 100% free from animal components.

A substantial component of Maltaflor is malt sprouts, the young root germs of freshly germinated grains.

Malt sprouts have special natural active substances. Consequently, you receive vital plants with strong roots, a rank bloom and a healthy harvest.


Maltaflor is especially suitable for all ornamental, flowering and useful plants.


By using controlled vegetable raw materials, a high rate of product safety is given for human beings and animals.



Tips for application

Maltaflor fertilizer promotes the root-stimulating and soil-animating effect best, when applied before planting into the soil. .


Planting of seedlings


Spread the area you want to plant with Maltaflor. Then mix Maltaflor into the soil up to the depth of the intended planting hole.



Set the plants as usual into the prepared soil:

Planting of larger plants


Spread the planting hole with the intended quantity of Maltaflor:



Mix well the excavated earth with Maltaflor and then set the plant with this mixture. Water well afterwards.

For the fertilization of already existing plants, spread Maltaflor and mix it softly into the soil.


When sowing (also lawns) mix Maltaflor flatly into the soil and use 50% of the indicated expenditure quantity.


Spread the remaining 50% after germinating.


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