Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Lawns & Meadows
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By applying  MALTaflor seed-o-gran PLUS the lawn gets thicker and the grass plants root deeper. Consequently, the plants can survive dry periods better and do not get weedy so fast.


Fertilize lawn twice per year (March/April and June/July) with respectively 100g/m2. If the lawn is of high-quality, for the finishing fertilization  MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINALE can be used which influences the winter hardness positively.


Tipp: After fertilizing do not mow the lawn for one week in order to allow the decomposition of the fertilizer granulates. If the weather is dry, water the plant after fertilizing.

We recommend:

MALTaflor seed-o-gran PLUS
MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINALE


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