Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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MALTaflor Bionic Fertilizers

Maltaflor Düngergesellschaft mbH (today Maltaflor Europa GmbH and Maltaflor International GmbH) was founded in Andernach on St. Nicholas Day, the 6th of December 1994 as a subsidiary to the Weissheimer Malzfabrik KG. (Estd. 1864) of Andernach, Germany and is based on the development of an entirely new bionic fertilizer that uses special plant hormones and growth compounds extracted from malt sprouts (malt-culms).

In 1995 Maltaflor has won the Rheinland-Pfalz Environment Award, one of the most prestigious government awards in Germany, for the development of Maltaflor fertilizers. This is the only time in history the environment award has been given to a fertilizer manufacturer.

In the following years Maltaflor has found customers in the neighbouring countries due to its exceptional fertilising effects. First exports made to Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden were the first steps to find a market in countries with difficult climatic and geological challenges.

In 2012 Maltaflor went through an operational restructuring and has been divided into two companies, Maltaflor Europa GmbH and Maltaflor International GmbH. All Maltaflor products are manufactured by Maltaflor Europa GmbH for the domestic markets as well as export markets. Maltaflor International GmbH has taken over the research and development of Maltaflor products.

Maltaflor has become one of the leading fertilizer manufacturers in Germany in biotechnology sector by having invented products such as Symbio® which can recreate natural habitat in any soil environment, especially when the microbial is not in balance.

Maltaflor Fertilizer Products are engineered to address all aspects of a healthy cultivation, from plantations to urban greening while giving priority to preserve water quality, chemical exposure and use of natural resources.