Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINAL

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MALTaflor hydro seed
MALTaflor seed-o-gran PLUS
MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINAL
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Sowing, maintenance and final fertilization for lawns in autumn

Maltaflor seed-o-gran Final is a special fertilizer for sowing high-quality sports lawns in finely granulated form. Maltaflor seed-o-gran Final is also the suitable product for the maintenance under extreme conditions e.g. roof planting. Best feature of this range of application is the long-term fertilization effect. In addition the fast decomposing nitrogen component of 10% leads to fast growth from the outset.
A special advantage of Maltaflor seed-o-gran Final is the strong root-stimulating effect which supports higher firmness of the scar and thus early and durable usability of the area. In particular, this product is stimulating and soil-reviving. Due to the high potash nutrient ratio Maltaflor seed-o-gran Final is also recommended for the finishing fertilization of highly worn-out sport lawns in autumn

Application Rates
Sowing : 100-150 g/mē
Extensive sowing :    50-100 g/mē
Maintenance  Grass: 100-150 g/mē,
1 or 2 time(s) per year
  Grass/Herbs: 50-100 g/mē, once a year
    as required
To finish fertilisation in Autumn: 50-100 g/mē
At the end of the growing season
Nutritive Substances: N = 5%
P2O5 = 3%
K2O = 8%


All micro nutrients for an average need are sufficiently contained in this product.

Lawns & Meadows
Golf courses
Sport Fields
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