Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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MALTaflor symbio H

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MALTaflor symbio H
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Mykorrhiza fertilizer for nursery gardens and afforestation

By using Maltaflor symbio H survivable woody plants can be produced. According to a special procedure, efficient and adapted mykorrhiza fungus (Pisolithus tinctorius ssp.) is added into the carrier substance. This procedure and the selected fungus trunks are decisive factors for a permanent functioning symbiosis between the fungus and the plant.
The effect of Maltaflor symbio H goes, however, even beyond this. The carrier substance is a highly effective fertilizer on the basis of malt sprouts which lead demonstrably to an increased production of root growth. The efficiency of the symbiosis which is dependant on a healthy root growth leads to a substantial improvement. The additional fertilizing effect of the malt sprout gives the plants good starting conditions from the outset without hindering the symbiosis – as when using other fertilizers.
Maltaflor symbio H supports the plant by developing mykorrhiza and fertilizing in one process.


Mykorrhiza symbiosis with different fertilizer types

The use of Pisolithus tinctorius in combination with Maltaflor for slipping production of oaks (Quercus robur) institute for ornamental plants, nursery gardens and plant breeding, University Hannover, 1999.


The above trial proves that already the smallest dose of mykorrhiza vaccine in combination with a Maltaflor fertilizer results in a very high mykorrhization of the plant's roots, which is an indication for Maltaflor preparing optimal conditions for the success of the vaccination.


Mykorrhiza building on a root

Pisolithus t. produces mykorrhiza with most tree species and promotes the mykorrhiza colony by its presence so that in connection with Maltaflor which disintegrates in the soil fibrously and improves the soil structure. Thereby, an integral promotion of the soil structure and the development of the soil is achieved.



Recommended Application Rate


Propagation by cuttings:
6 g/l Substrate
Propagation by seed:
6 g/l Substrate
Transplantin into beds:    
  • With mykorrhiza:
3 g/l Substrate
  • Without mykorrhiza:
8 g/l Substrate
Final planting:
In laminar fertilised soil
  • With mykorrhiza:
1000 kg/ha
  • Without mykorrhiza:
2000 kg/ha
Single planting (plant height 20-30 cm)
  • With mykorrhiza:
30 g/mix with soil
  • Without mykorrhiza:
50 g/mix with soil


Single planting (plant height 40-80 cm)
  • With mykorrhiza:
50 g/mix with soil
  • Without mykorrhiza:
90 g/mix with soil


Standard Planting
  • With mykorrhiza:
3 g/l Substrate
  • Without mykorrhiza:
5 g/l Substrate
Nutrient Substances:
org. Substances = 70%
N = 5%
P2O5 = 3%
K2O = 5%
MgO = 1%
Old tree re-development