Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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MALTaflor universal

MALTaflor universal
MALTaflor hydro seed
MALTaflor seed-o-gran PLUS
MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINALE
MALTaflor symbio H
MALTaflor bio
MALTaflor alpin


Maltaflor Universal for all kinds of plants

Maltaflor universal is a stimulating and soil-reviving long-term fertilizer which is suitable for the professional as well as hobby gardener. It can be applied for all kinds of plants (e.g. fruits, vegetables, lawns etc.) and to fertilize garden mould and compost.


Planting, vegetating and fertilizing of substrates

The actively promoted root growth of the fertilized plants helps to improve the growth.



The duration of effect, especially of nitrogen, is according to testing outdoor and in vessels (containers) about 5 months. 


Maltaflor universal contains two components with different effectiveness:



A rapidly flowing component with 15% ratio of total nitrogen. Effect will be seen after about 3 days, duration of effect: 3-4 weeks.



A slowly flowing component with 85% ratio of total nitrogen. Effect will be seen after about 3 weeks, duration of effect: about 5 months.



Professional range - recommended application
Young plants: 40 g - 60 g/Plant
Sapling/shrubs: 100 g - 150 g/Plant
Standards: from 250 g/Plant (10/12)
Laminar application (woody plants):     200 g/m
Alternating planting: 250 g - 300 g/m
New lawn sowing: 200 g - 250 g/m
Substrate fertilization: 10 kg/m (Leaf Plants),
15 kg/m (Flower Plants)
Nutrients: mind. 70% org. Substance,
mind. 5% N,
mind. 3% P2O5,
mind. 5% K2O


Household range - recommended application
Leafy vegetables, tomatoes: 200 g/m
Root vegetables, potatoes: 200 g/m
Kind of cabbage, celeries, leeks:      250 g/m
beans and peas: 100 g/m
Strawberries, fruit-/berry bushes:       150 g/m
Fruit trees: 200 g/m

New lawn sawing:    

150 g/m
200 g/m
Ornamental shrubs, bushes
and all flowers:    
200 g/m
Conifers, woody plants: 100 g/m

Special applications:

Fertilization of peat or garden mould :

Mix a bale of peat (300 l) or garden mould with about 7 kg Maltaflor and apply on 50 m2.


Prepare normal compost:

Apply 9 kg Maltaflor per m3 for the last and one before the last transplanting.


Prepare green fast compost:

Apply 20 kg Maltaflor per m3 for the last transplanting

All micro nutrients and trace elements are sufficient for a normal need. In case of any deficiency symptoms of a special nutrient, a specific re-fertilization is necessary.

Flowering and green plants (Professional)
Gardening & Landscape Gardening (Professional)
Fruits & Vegetables (Consumer)
Flowers & Garden Plants (Consumer)


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