Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Malt sprouts
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Maltaflor-fertilizer are in nursery gardens out of two different reasons of importance:


On the one hand, the application of  MALTaflor universal especially in container cultures, leads to a stimulation and vitalization of the substrates. In addition, the naturally developed phytohormones of the malt sprouts change the growth of the plants. These plants react with intensive root growth and a sturdy resilient sprout growth. These characteristics guarantee, especially in container cultures, the production of high quality goods.


On the other, hand a mycorrhizal interaction of the plants can be achieved with the product  MALTaflor symbio H from the outset. A good mycorrhizal interaction is decisive for ensuring highest growth rate and long-term growth success also under difficult conditions.


The following companies use Maltaflor as a fertilizer for their soil:


  • Stender AG (www.stender.de)
    The Stender AG offers top-quality soil and substrates in highest quality. The mixture of Maltaflor into your soil is one of the services.

We recommend:

MALTaflor symbio H
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Training of MALTaflor into your ground connection:

Floragard Vertriebs GmbH für Gartenbau

Stender AG