Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Soil improvement / vitalisation

Permanent footsteps on lawns lead to a compression of the soil, curtailing air permeability of the pores and the flowability of the water. Finally, this situation results in the asphyxiation death of the plants. As clay solidifies more than sand, highly-strained sport lawns should once a year be aerated and applied with sand. For that, sand and Maltaflor are mixed with the help of a scarier (e.g. Verti-Drain) into the lawn base layer.
The Maltaflor fertilizer of the seed-o-gran line contains nutrients which increase the microbial activity of the soil and, above all, aerate it on long-term basis.


Aeration and sanding with gouges

Scarifiers with gouges lift earth out of the soil when processing the lawn. The holes resulting from this are finally filled with sand and Maltaflor. The earth exchange leads to an optimal fertilizer-sand mixture into the lower layers.


The procedures:

1.  Procedure with a scarifier (here Verti-Drain)
2. Removal of the pulled out earth parts
3. Application of sand
4. Maltaflor-fertilization
5. Mix in sand/fertilizer mixture



Aeration and sanding with full chisels

When processing with full chisels there is no earth exchange. The emphasis lies in this method of aeration on the loosening of the earth and not on the earth exchange what is the case when processing with gouges.


The procedures:

1. Sanding (if necessary)
2. Maltaflor fertilization
3.  Processing with scarifier (here: Verti Drain)

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