Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Maltaflor bio consists of malt sprouts, the young germ roots of the grain. During this germ process many substances are produced, among others enzymes and natural phytohormones.


Especially the phytohormones not only have an positive effect on the rooting but also on the sprout production. In comparison with other fertilizers more and shorter sprouts were produced. These adequate condition guarantee a rich flower formation. Thus the yield can be influenced positively.


Dip-testing before planting – Berlepsch on M 9 increased amount of sprouts with Maltaflor.



Dip-testing before planting_ Berlepsch on M 9: shorter sprouts with Maltaflor.



Hectare yields with different fertilizations. Source: SLVA Ahrweiler

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MALTaflor bio