Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Organic fertilization of sport fields

Usually an application of organic fertilizers on sport field areas is often denied, the reason for this being the excessive development of earthworm population.
These crucial disadvantages appear when using organic-animal components of the fertilizer. In the case of modern fertilizers on organic-vegetable basis (like fertilizers of the seed-o-gran line of Maltaflor) these disadvantages do not arise. Vegetable materials do not have worm-promoting characteristics like animal materials. The vegetable raw materials of all Maltaflor products stem from the food industry and are subject to a high hygiene standard. Thus also the risk of infection for players is smaller than in the case of animal materials.


An advantage of organic fertilization compared to mineral fertilizers is the stimulation of the soil life. A balanced micro organism population stabilizes the characteristics of the sport fields. This is very import in the case of mineral-stressed lawn base layers. (Note: Many organizers of sport fields want to “slim” the top soil by applying sand. This measure is to reduce the alumina content which is responsible for the soil compaction and siltation, but not for the prevention of a functional soil life). Certain micro organism help to reduce lawn thatch.


A special and important characteristic of the Maltaflor-seed-o-gran fertilizer products is the rooting effect. This effect is achieved by using malt sprouts. Malt sprouts, the young germ root of freshly germinated grain, produce natural plant hormones which promote the root growth of fertilized plants above average.


A strong root growth

  • improves the playability of the sport fields,

  • alleviates the re-growing of pulled out turf sods and

  • ensures a sturdy scar in case of new- or after-sowing.


This rooting effect can especially be achieved in case of fertilization to apply sand because there is a possibility to bring the fertilizer directly to the grass roots.

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