Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Lawn thatch

Lawn thatch results from plants which have withered, remains of stems and flat growing weeds which leads to a severe impairment of the water- nutrient and air supply. The lawn becomes more susceptible to infections and threatens to suffocate under a layer of organic waste. In this matter a scarifier is used as a relief that loosens the lawn thatch. Afterwards the lawn thatch can simply be removed.


Removing lawn thatch is not only a decisive factor for good lawn growth but is also economically important as it reduces maintenance expenditure.


As a preventive measure the application of Maltaflor is recommended. Maltaflor revives the microbial activity in the soil and thereby supports a fast reduction of biological matter.

We recommend:

MALTaflor seed-o-gran PLUS
MALTaflor seed-o-gran FINAL


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